Every player, coach, manager, parent and caregiver should read and understand
the NZ Football Code of Conduct.


As ambassadors of the Club and for their own enjoyment of the game, players are expected to approach their football with the right attitude and positive team spirit. Encourage your kids to attend training regularly, be on time to games and be a good sport - winning or losing.

We want to develop good sportspeople as well as good players!


We recognise the commitment required from parents, including managing a schedule of trainings, games and tournaments. We are extremely grateful for your time and input and value your contribution to the Club. But, please help your coaches by letting them 'coach' and encourage players in positive, fair play. Just like the kids, the parents will face the 'penalty box' or even be asked to leave the field for negative comments or inappropriate behaviour.

As the 'grown ups', we need to set the standard for our players.

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Click here for a copy of Capital Football's Junior Playing Regulations. For Capital Football Rules, see the Captial Football website.

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If you wish to transfer to Miramar Rangers from another club, or transfer from Miramar Rangers to another club, the club you are GOING TO must apply to the club you are LEAVING for a transfer.

The club you are leaving will usually grant the transfer without any hassles, UNLESS there are payments outstanding (club fees, etc.) or gear that needs to be returned. Miramar Rangers cannot accpet a new player who has not been released by their previous club.


All players are to compete within their own age grade, which for the 2018 Season, will be:

FIRST KICKS - kids born before 2012
7th GRADE - kids born in 2011
8th GRADE - kids born in 2010
9th GRADE - kids born in 2009
10th GRADE - kids born in 2008
11th GRADE - kids born in 2007
12th GRADE - kids born in 2006
13th GRADE - kids born in 2005
14th GRADE - kids born in 2004

Check out the AGE GRADES page for more info.


Any player who wishes to play outside their age grade (either up or down a grade), must apply to Capital Football for a dispensation. This is a reasonably involved process and together, the player, caregivers and Club should feel confident that there is good reason for applying. For more information about Capital Football's dispensation criteria and process, click here.

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Please see the Ground Closures & Cancellations page.


Should your child withdraw from playing for Miramar Rangers, depending on the circumstances and timing, a refund will be considered. An administration fee will be deducted from any refund.


The Club's playing shirts belong to the Club and must be returned at the end of each season. Outfitting teams is a significant cost for the Club. Please ensure shirts are only worn when players are REPRESENTING THE CLUB. Shirts must not be worn to school.

Club playing shorts, playing socks, hoodies and other off-field gear can be ordered online from the Miramar Rangers Club Shop or purchased instore at Football Centrel, Level 1, 133-139 Tory Street, Wellington (opposite The Warehouse).


Capital Football Junior Premier League
Our best players are invited to trail for the top two teams in Grades 9-14. These teams will be entered in Capital Football's Junior Premier League (previously the Travel League). The Premier League represents the highest quality football and is comprised of the region's strongest teams. Fixtures take place around Wellington and potentially (depending on the other teams in the league) as far away as Otaki and the Wairarapa.

Players in 9th Grade teams and above who wish to play Junior Premier League will need to participate in trials at the beginning of each season. Trials are held in line with NZF policy and assess players’ technical ability, decision-making and attitude. Dates for trials for the 2018 season will be communicated shortly.
Commitment to twice-weekly training
These teams will often train twice a week. To get the most out of these sessions, players will need to be focused and ready to work hard.
Commitment to skill development
We are lucky enough to have access to the Team Wellington Player Development Programme available year round. Junior Premier League players are expected to make the most of this opportunity.
Game Day etiquette
Players must arrive at the pitch and be ready to play at least 20 minutes before kick-off. Some coaches will require players to be there 30 minutes beforehand. A good warm up and time to settle in and 'team talk' are essential. 
There are are number of tournaments during the season including Kapiti on Easter Friday, the Wynton Rufer in Petone is May, the Douglas Villa in Masterton in September and the McCartney in Taupo in October. Top teams in each grade are often involved. Check with your coach, team manager or Grade Manager for details.
Financial investment
Miramar Rangers Academy, training sessions, tournament participation and travel come at a price, and it's best to consider the financial commitments before confirming your child's participation in the Junior Premier League. Check with your coach, team manager or Grade Manager for details.