Crackdown on bad language

As an affiliated club, all of our members are subject to the terms of the NZ Football Code of Conduct, which states very clearly that any member and/or participant must "refrain from using any obscene language".

NZ Football and it's federations are determined to enforce this requirement and a memo outlining their approach was sent out to all clubs last week. If you want to read the whole thing, it's here. If not, here's an excerpt:

"... in very simple terms foul and abusive language has NO place on the football field.  It is a directive of Capital Football’s to the referees, that when it does occur (both from players and team officials) it is dealt with fairly but harshly...

As I have said before “it’s your mouth, so you are responsible for controlling it."

 Richard Reid
Chief Executive
Capital Football

Note that "the football field" includes the sideline. So, everyone behave themselves, please.